In April of 2002 I set out alone to cross the United States by bicycle.
The route was 4400 miles long.
I'd never ridden a bike more than 20 miles at once before.
I must be crazy.
October 01, 2002

This is the story of my long bicycle ride.

In April of 2002 I set out westwards from Yorktown, Virginia with not much more a bicycle, sixty pounds of gear, and a plan to head west. A little over three months and four thousand miles later I made it to Florence, Oregon. While I was on the road I met a lot of great people, saw some wonderful country, and wrote about my thoughts along the way.

For those of you considering taking a ride like this, I hope these pages give you motivation.

For those of you who looking for a story, I hope you enjoy mine.

And for those of you who wished me well along the way, I thank you for your support. Knowing that you wanted me to see this through sometimes was the most important thing of all.